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Fernando Alonso Advocates for Balanced Scheduling Amid Las Vegas F1 Extravaganza

In the wake of the glamorous yet hectic Las Vegas Grand Prix, Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso has called for a more balanced approach to Formula 1’s demanding schedule. This comes in contrast to Max Verstappen’s outright disapproval of the event’s grand opening ceremony.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contrasting Opinions: While Max Verstappen expressed his dissatisfaction with the Las Vegas Grand Prix’s elaborate opening ceremony, Fernando Alonso showed a more accommodating stance, provided the overall F1 schedule is balanced.
  • The Grand Event: The Las Vegas Grand Prix, a night race, included more than just racing. Drivers participated in a grand opening ceremony, light shows, celebrity performances, and even a golf tournament, adding to their already packed schedules.
  • Cost and Justification: The Las Vegas event marked F1’s return to the Strip after nearly 40 years, with hosting costs hitting around $500 million. Alonso acknowledges the investment and effort, suggesting a need for balance in the overall schedule.

The recent Las Vegas Grand Prix has sparked a mix of reactions among Formula 1 drivers, particularly regarding the event’s grandeur and demands on their time. Unlike his colleague Max Verstappen, who was openly critical of the event’s flashy opening ceremony, Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin expressed a more nuanced view.

Verstappen’s candid feedback to the media highlighted his disdain for the spectacle. “For me, you can skip this. We are just standing up there, looking like a clown. I mean, yeah… I’m also not going to fake it, I just always voice my opinion on positive things and negative things. That’s just how I am. Some people like the show a bit more, I don’t like it at all,” he stated.

However, Alonso offered a different perspective. Acknowledging the significant investment and the special nature of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, he suggested that such events might warrant additional activities. Yet, he emphasized the need for a balanced approach. “I have to say that places like this one and with the investment that has been done on the place that we are racing, it deserves a little bit different treatment and a little bit extra show of what we did today or what the weekend is going to be. I’m okay to do an extra for these type of events, but maybe it could be balanced somehow and reduced maybe our schedule somewhere else,” Alonso remarked.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, a night race, was not just about the competition on the track. The event included a grand opening ceremony that introduced the F1 drivers team by team, a light spectacle, performances by notable artists like Kylie Minogue and, and even a Netflix Cup golf tournament. While these added events brought an extra layer of excitement and glamour, they also placed additional demands on the drivers.

With Formula 1’s return to the Las Vegas Strip after almost four decades and the event’s staggering $500 million cost, the juxtaposition of driver opinions highlights an ongoing debate within the sport. While the allure and spectacle of such grand events are undeniable, the need for a balanced approach to driver schedules and commitments remains a pertinent issue for the F1 community.

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