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Mercedes Clears Air on Lewis Hamilton’s FIA Gala Incident: Insights on Trophy Controversy

Mercedes has stepped forward to clarify the recent controversy surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s actions at the FIA awards ceremony. The team refuted the speculation that Hamilton purposefully left his third-place trophy as a form of protest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercedes Clarification: In response to the widespread speculation, Mercedes has made it clear that Lewis Hamilton did not intentionally give away his trophy. It was left with officials to be forwarded to the team, a usual practice in previous award ceremonies.
  • Hamilton’s Criticism of FIA: Hamilton has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the FIA’s approach, especially concerning the investigation into Toto and Susie Wolff. He also expressed disapproval of the FIA’s decision to host the awards in Baku, questioning their commitment to sustainability.
  • 2023 Season Outlook for Hamilton: Despite a challenging season without any Grand Prix wins, Hamilton remains hopeful about the upcoming season with Mercedes. He has shown unwavering confidence in the team’s ability to recover with a new car concept.

Mercedes recently confronted the rumors surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s actions at the FIA awards ceremony. This issue gained traction when an individual, known as @nihadcelona on social media, claimed to have been given Hamilton’s third-place trophy. The individual, later identified as Nesirli, asserted on social media:

“Hello. I was at the Gala yesterday. Lewis Hamilton gave me the award and left. I have the prize at home now.”

However, Mercedes quickly addressed these claims, stating, “Immediately after leaving the stage, and as has been done at previous prizegivings, Lewis accepted the offer from officials for the trophy to be sent on to the team and therefore left it in their care. We can confirm he did not give the trophy to anyone ‘as a gift’ as has been speculated.”

Nesirli later corrected the narrative, acknowledging a misunderstanding in their interaction with Hamilton. They explained:

“Hello, good evening. I am very disappointed to see messages written to me like thief or something. First of all, I want to say I didn’t steal anything from anywhere. This is just a misunderstanding. Lewis Hamilton put the award on the table. I asked him if I could take the prize. He said to me, yes, you can take the prize. And I thought he gifted me the award. But now, after seeing the statement from Mercedes, I understand that Lewis did not gift me the award. He mistakenly thought I was the Fia official in charge of the award.”

This incident highlights the complex relationship between high-profile athletes, the media, and their fans. It also sheds light on the pressures and misunderstandings that can arise in the world of competitive sports, especially in a high-stakes environment like Formula 1. Hamilton’s actions at the ceremony, now clarified by Mercedes, demonstrate the importance of clear communication and the rapid spread of misinformation on social media. As the F1 community looks ahead to the 2023 season, the focus shifts back to the track, where Hamilton and Mercedes aim to reclaim their top form.

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