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Mercedes Technical Director James Allison Discusses New FIA Proposal to Reduce Team Personnel’s Race Attendance in 2024

Mercedes Technical Director James Allison revealed a proposed cap on team personnel’s race attendance to address the increasing demands of the F1 season. Amidst concerns for team member well-being, the suggestion aims to limit attendance to 20 races per season, excluding drivers.

Key Takeaways

  • Overworked Personnel: Mercedes’ George Russell has raised concerns about the physical and mental impact of the current 22-race schedule, emphasizing the toll of constant travel and environmental changes on team members.
  • Proposed Cap on Races: Allison confirmed ongoing discussions with the FIA regarding a potential attendance cap for team personnel at 20 races per season, aiming to improve sustainability and reduce stress within the sport.
  • Differing Views on Schedule: F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali views the current race number as sustainable and market-driven, while FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem warns about the risks of fatigue from an expanded 24-race calendar.

The F1 community is abuzz with the recent revelation by Mercedes technical director James Allison about ongoing discussions with the FIA. These talks focus on a significant change for the 2024 season: a proposal to cap the number of races that team personnel, excluding drivers, can attend. This suggestion comes as the sport prepares for an unprecedented 24-race calendar in 2024, raising concerns about the sustainability and well-being of those involved.

George Russell, Mercedes driver and a director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA), has been vocal about the challenges posed by the current schedule. He highlighted the health issues faced by team members due to continuous travel and varying environmental conditions. Russell’s comments underscore the broader discussions within F1 about managing personnel attendance in the future, emphasizing the unsustainability of the schedule for the approximately 4,000 people working in the sport.

While Allison’s proposal aims to limit team staff to attending only 20 races per season, opinions within F1’s leadership are divided. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali believes the current number of races strikes a balance between market demands and logistical feasibility. In contrast, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has expressed concerns about the potential for significant fatigue among team members, especially with the expanded race calendar.

Allison, speaking on the Performance People podcast, elaborated on the challenges of the current schedule. He emphasized the toll taken on those who travel frequently, including the winter testing period, and the logistical and financial constraints imposed by the cost cap. His proposal, while still in the debate stage, suggests a cap of perhaps 20 races per season for each team member.

This change would require teams to adapt and find alternative methods to manage the absence of key personnel for several races each year. It would also mean that figures like Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff and race engineers like Bono and Shov, who have a close relationship with the drivers, would need to adjust to not attending every race.

Allison pointed out the potential benefits of this proposal, emphasizing the opportunity for team members to rest and recharge. He acknowledged the challenges but also highlighted the importance of finding a balance that ensures the well-being of all involved in the sport.

As the debate continues, the F1 world eagerly awaits the outcome of these discussions, which could herald a significant shift in how the sport manages its demanding schedule and cares for its team members.

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