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Mercedes Enlists Rising Star Doriane Pin for 2024 F1 Junior Programme

Mercedes has expanded its Formula 1 Junior Programme by welcoming French driver Doriane Pin for the 2024 season. Competing with Prema Racing in the F1 Academy, Pin’s addition marks a significant stride in diversifying the team’s talent pool.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rising Star in Racing: Doriane Pin, having made a notable impact in motorsports since her move from karting in 2020, boasts an impressive track record. Her achievements include five podiums in the 2021 Le Mans Cup, a triumph in the Ferrari Challenge Europe, a victory at the 24 Hours of Spa with Iron Dames, and a class win in the European Le Mans Series at Portimao.
  • 2023 Achievements and New Challenges: Pin’s journey in 2023 encompassed participation in select IMSA SportsCar Championship rounds and regional Formula 4 races. Her induction into the Mercedes Junior Programme and the F1 Academy, alongside Prema Racing, heralds a major leap in her professional racing career.
  • Pin’s Perspective and Aspirations: In her own words, Pin expressed her enthusiasm: “I am incredibly happy to join the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team Junior Programme and to represent the team in F1 Academy this year with Prema Racing.” This step signifies her ambition and pride in aligning with a team as esteemed as Mercedes.

In a move that highlights its commitment to nurturing emerging talent, Mercedes has announced the addition of Doriane Pin to its Formula 1 Junior Programme for the 2024 season. Following Luna Fluxá, Pin becomes the second female driver to join the Mercedes junior team. This decision not only reflects Mercedes’ dedication to diversity but also acknowledges Pin’s exceptional talent and potential in the world of motorsport.

Pin’s journey is a testament to her dedication and skill. Having begun her racing career in karting, she quickly moved up the ranks, demonstrating a natural aptitude for high-speed competition. Her successes in various championships highlight her versatility and ability to adapt to different racing formats, from endurance races like the 24 Hours of Spa to the intense competition of the Ferrari Challenge Europe.

2023 was a year of expansion and growth for Pin. By participating in the IMSA SportsCar Championship and various Formula 4 races, she broadened her experience and honed her skills in diverse racing environments. Her entry into the Mercedes Junior Programme is a natural progression in her career, offering her new opportunities and challenges as she prepares to compete in the F1 Academy with Prema Racing.

Reflecting on this significant career milestone, Pin shared her thoughts and aspirations. Her excitement about joining the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team Junior Programme and representing them in the F1 Academy is palpable. Pin’s inclusion in the team is not just a personal achievement but also a symbol of Mercedes’ ongoing efforts to cultivate a more inclusive and diverse racing community.

As the 2024 F1 Academy season approaches, all eyes will be on Doriane Pin as she dons the iconic Mercedes colours and takes to the track with Prema Racing. Her journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable, and her future in the world of Formula 1 looks even more promising.

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