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Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner Applauds Max Verstappen’s Record Win

Verstappen's Tenth Consecutive Victory Sets New Record, Red Bull Dominates 2023 F1 Season

In the dynamic world of Formula 1, the Red Bull racing team has found itself facing a delightful conundrum after Max Verstappen’s extraordinary victory at the Italian Grand Prix. This triumph marked Verstappen’s tenth consecutive win, a feat that shatters the previous record of nine consecutive victories held by Sebastian Vettel. As the dust settles on the Monza racetrack, the implications of this achievement have left Horner and the entire team grinning ear to ear, with Horner dubbing it a “nice problem to have.”

Throughout the 2023 season, Red Bull has proved to be an indomitable force on the track, achieving victory after victory. Verstappen, in particular, has emerged as the driving force behind this remarkable series of successes. With a total of twelve wins under his belt, he has showcased his exceptional skills and unwavering determination. Sergio Perez, his teammate, has contributed to the team’s triumph with two victories of his own, cementing Red Bull’s dominance in this season.

Following the breathtaking race at the iconic Monza circuit, Horner took a moment to reflect on the team’s achievements and share his thoughts with the media. In a quote given to, he acknowledged the astonishing feat and revealed an intriguing predicament that comes with such remarkable success. Horner noted, “We’ve had to order more trophy cabinets to accommodate all the trophies that Max and the team have earned. It’s a nice problem to have, and it’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved.”

Praising Verstappen’s impeccable performance, Horner further extolled his virtuosity on the track. In a continuation of his remarks, he emphasized Verstappen’s ability to deliver flawless performances, underlining the remarkable consistency that has led to his extraordinary winning streak. Horner stated, “Max’s performance has been nothing short of incredible. The way he has approached each race with precision and focus is a testament to his skill and determination.”

“Yeah, but it’s a nice problem to have!

“I’m superstitious and I don’t like empty cabinets. We’ve already ordered another cabinet and we’ve already filled it. So we’ll deal with that at the end of the season.”

As the Formula 1 calendar unfolds, the next significant event on the horizon is the Singapore Grand Prix, scheduled for September 15-17. This race marks the beginning of a thrilling double-header, with the Japanese Grand Prix slated to take place the following week, from September 22-24. These upcoming races promise to further test the mettle of the Red Bull team and its competitors, setting the stage for more exhilarating displays of skill and strategy.

“Max, what he’s doing, he’s breaking records, he’s driving at an unbelievable level. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world right now that could beat Max Verstappen in this car, that’s for sure.

“I think you have to recognise and applaud what Max is doing at the moment. It’s very special at the moment to have achieved what he achieved. We shouldn’t detract from that in any way. In sport, very rarely things like this happen.

“I think it’s a golden moment for him and a golden moment for the team.”

In a season that has showcased the resilience and excellence of the Red Bull racing team, Max Verstappen’s record-breaking triumph stands as a defining moment. With eyes set on future challenges and triumphs, the team continues to exemplify what it means to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of Formula 1.

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