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Revving Up the Possibilities: Motorsport’s Bid for a Slot in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

Accelerating Towards Inclusion: The Prospect of Motorsport Joining the Prestigious Olympic Fraternity

As the anticipation builds within the sports community, the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics stands on the cusp of a groundbreaking addition to its array of events: motorsport. Amid the excitement surrounding the forthcoming announcement of new sports, motorsport emerges as a formidable contender, vying for a prestigious spot among nine other disciplines. With a momentous decision looming just weeks away, the motorsport fraternity is bracing itself for what could be an epoch-making juncture. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wields the decisive authority, poised to finalize these momentous inclusions during their October meeting in Mumbai.

IFA President Pierre Trochet aptly encapsulates the collective sentiment of the sports under deliberation, as per a report by “While motorsport faces stiff competition from the likes of flag football and cricket—both boasting a remarkable global following—the prospect of its integration into the Olympics signifies an evolutionary leap for the Games.” In the company of other contenders such as baseball-softball, lacrosse, breakdancing, karate, kickboxing, and squash, motorsport’s bid adds an electrifying dimension to the Olympics’ landscape.

“We expect a decision (from LA2028 organisers) in the coming weeks. We are focusing on our work but expect a decision in the upcoming weeks.”

The proposition of motorsport’s involvement transcends mere novelty; it serves as an avenue for the sport to secure a broader global recognition and perhaps even cement its place in the successive cycles of the Olympics. Beyond the fleeting spotlight of a one-time inclusion, motorsport seizes an opportunity to etch its presence in the annals of the international sports arena.

As the forthcoming Olympics approach, they stand as a launchpad for emerging sports to shine. The reference point of the Paris 2024 Olympics, for instance, underscores the unveiling of four additional sports—breakdancing, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing—echoing the roster of Tokyo’s recent Games.

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