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The Grand Tour’s Abbie Eaton Comments On Kerbs That Threw Her Car Into The Air: “No Need For Them At All!”

During the Circuit of the Americas race in October this year, The Grand Tour’s Abbie Eaton slammed her front-left tire into one of the sausage kerbs at Turn 15, launching her car into the air.

She was hospitalised soon after and was diagnosed with two fractured vertebrae as a result of slamming back to the ground. Because of this, she was unable to compete in the following race, and claimed the sausage kerbs to be “ridiculous”, and that there was “no need” for them to be placed there on the track.

Another driver, Fabienne Wohlwend, also suffered the same fate at the kerbs at Turn 1 at the beginning of race two, but these were removed before the Formula 1 race.

Eaton told fans at the time:

“What a rubbish weekend! Ran wide and went over one of the HUGE sausage kerbs that launched me into the air giving me a compression fracture at T4 vertebrae.

“Not ideal! Also found out one of the F4 drivers also did the same and has the exact same injury. Ridiculous! No need for them at all.

“A shame not to finish the season off properly but full steam ahead with months of rest, recovery and rehab!

“Thanks to the W Series team, Stewie, Jessica and all my friends and family for the support. You’re all ace xx”

Although sausage kerbs are usually used to keep drivers from straying out of track limits, they have been linked to a number of airborne accidents over the past few years.

Alex Peroni’s Formula 3 car was sent flying into the air during 2019’s Monza, only being stopped by the catch fencing. The Australian was also diagnosed with a fractured vertebra.

Sean Gelael also suffered from a similar injury after hitting a kerb in Barcelona during his Formula 2 season. His car also flew into the air, causing the driver a compression fracture.

Abbie Eaton ended 13th in the drivers’ standings.

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