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Verstappen’s Controversial Maneuver in Mexico GP: A Twist in Perez’s F1 Dream

Max Verstappen’s contentious move during the Mexico GP has been highlighted as a partial cause for teammate Sergio Perez’s crash. Mercedes development driver Esteban Gutierrez criticized Verstappen’s aggressive driving, which led to Perez’s unfortunate retirement from his home race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Controversial Incident: Max Verstappen’s aggressive move to the left, squeezing Charles Leclerc, indirectly led to Sergio Perez’s collision and subsequent crash in the Mexico GP. This maneuver has sparked criticism from various quarters, including Mercedes development driver Esteban Gutierrez.
  • Gutierrez’s Perspective: Esteban Gutierrez, while lamenting the misfortune of Perez and Mexican fans, praised Perez’s bravery in attempting an ambitious move at the start of the race. He expressed his views on the F1 Nation podcast, emphasizing the role of bad luck and Verstappen’s part in the incident.
  • Impact on Championship Standings: The crash had significant repercussions on the championship standings, as Perez’s retirement and Lewis Hamilton’s second-place finish narrowed the points gap between them to just 20.

In what turned out to be a dramatic and eventful Mexico Grand Prix, Max Verstappen’s role in the crash of his teammate, Sergio Perez, has come under scrutiny. The race, held at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit, saw high expectations from Perez, especially being his home race. However, the collision with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the opening lap turned his aspirations into despair.

The intensity of the collision was such that Perez’s RB19 was sent airborne, and despite his efforts to return to the pits, the damage was irreparable, leading to his retirement. This incident not only left Perez disheartened but also disappointed the home crowd, who had high hopes for their local hero.

Adding to the narrative, Esteban Gutierrez, a Mercedes development driver and fellow Mexican, shared his views on the F1 Nation podcast. Gutierrez highlighted Verstappen’s partial responsibility for the incident. His comments, “Max moved a bit to the left and then squeezed Charles, and then, of course, Charles had nowhere to go,” outline the cascading effect of Verstappen’s aggressive driving.

While some experts believe that Perez should have been more cautious, Gutierrez commended him for his daring move at the start. He stated, “It’s a pity for Perez and a pity for Mexico. I think he was really brave for trying that move.”

The fallout from the Mexico GP is significant in terms of the championship race. Perez, who was in second place in the standings, saw his lead over Lewis Hamilton in third place reduced to a mere 20 points after Hamilton finished second in the race. This development adds another layer of intrigue as the season progresses, with the actions of Verstappen and the unfortunate crash of Perez playing pivotal roles in the unfolding drama of this year’s championship.

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