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Yuki Tsunoda Receives Time Penalty in Saudi Arabian GP for Pre-Race Mishap

Yuki Tsunoda, the VCARB driver, faced a penalty post the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to a pre-race blunder. The incident, involving a near-collision with McLaren’s Lando Norris, led to disciplinary measures by the race stewards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yuki Tsunoda was penalized with a five-second addition to his race time for an unsafe release from the garage, narrowly avoiding a crash with Lando Norris.
  • The stewards, after careful consideration, opted not to assign a penalty point to Tsunoda, taking into account the timing of the incident during the reconnaissance lap.
  • Acknowledging his mistake, Tsunoda extended an apology for the incident, admitting he missed a signal from his team while exiting the garage.

The Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, a pinnacle of racing excitement, was not without its share of pre-race drama. Yuki Tsunoda, representing VCARB, found himself in a precarious situation during the reconnaissance lap. In what could have escalated into a significant collision, Tsunoda’s hurried release from his garage brought him dangerously close to colliding with Lando Norris’s McLaren. Norris, displaying quick reflexes, managed to brake in time, thus preventing what could have been a serious incident.

The episode brought to light a critical lapse in safety measures and was promptly addressed by the race stewards. The inquiry involved a meticulous examination of various forms of evidence, including video footage, team radio transcripts, and in-car camera recordings. Both drivers, along with team representatives of Car 22 (Tsunoda’s car) and Car 4 (Norris’s car), were summoned for their accounts of the incident.

In their official statement, the stewards detailed their findings: “The Stewards reviewed video, team radio and in-car video evidence and heard from the drivers and team representatives of Car 22 and Car 4 and determined that Car 22 was released unsafely from the garage during the reconnaissance lap into the path of Car 4 which had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. The driver of Car 22 admitted that he did not see the Number 1 in his team signalling not to come out as his attention was diverted towards exiting the car from the garage. He apologised for his oversight.”

The decision regarding the penalty was based on the context and regulations governing such incidents. The stewards clarified: “An unsafe release during the race (which would include the reconnaissance lap) would typically attract a five-second time penalty, which is what we imposed. In addition, for an infringement of this nature, it would be appropriate to award 1 penalty point. Given that this took place during the reconnaissance lap as opposed to the race proper, we decided to not impose the penalty point.”

This incident underscores the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols in Formula 1, a sport where split-second decisions can have significant repercussions. Tsunoda’s acceptance of the error and his subsequent apology reflect a level of professionalism and accountability expected in the high-stakes world of motor racing.

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