89% Of People Still Prefer The Grand Tour To The New Top Gear According To Recent Poll

On the 28th of February, we conducted a poll on our Facebook page of 600,000+ people. We asked the question that’s been buzzing around for a couple of years now since Top Gear has seemed to find its stride with Paddy McGuiness, Freddie Flintoff, and Chris Harris at the helm: Do you prefer Top Gear or The Grand Tour?

We had an incredible turnout with a total reach of over 160,0

– Grand Tour Nation TG Vs TGT poll

00 people and a total of 38,300 votes. According to the public, 89% of people still prefer Clarkson’s The Grand Tour.

The poll collected over 1,000 comments, too. However, interestingly, a lot of these comments noted that Top Gear has improved massively over the past few years.

“Top Gear has improved dramatically since the new line up – fact is – it’s quite good!” Phil Maciver of Auckland, New Zealand commented.

Michael Shipton also chimed in with similar remarks: “TBH top gear with the new presenters has improved immensely, and is very watchable.,” he says. “Grand tour seems to have disappeared off the screens now, there’s not much competition from TGT!”

The fact that The Grand Tour has dramatically reduced its output since the end of Season 3 to a reported 2 special episodes a year hasn’t held it in good stead, according to fans. Bob Chatterton of Kingston Upon Hull, England, commented: “I love the grand tour but p****d off at how long we are having to wait for the next episode. The new guys on Top Gear are a lot better than the last lot but are still copying the originals and the best.”

Olivr Moran had similar views:

“Top gear hands down. If anything they’ve put out 5 eps, the grand tour one ep, and even that was not very good. The grand tour is pretty much dead now, all doing their own shows, all getting old and bored. Look to the future, and the future ain’t the grand tour!”

To our surprise, we found that the majority of comments are positive opinions of Top Gear and the current hosts. However, the overwhelming majority of the poll wasn’t such a shock. We began our Facebook page as a fan page for The Grand Tour before slowly turning into a motoring news website, so with so many fans still following our page, it’s what we expected.

Do you agree with the outcome? Personally, at the GTN office, we can’t decide. What we do know is that the last series of Top Gear was some of the best motoring content we’ve seen on TV lately. We just wish The Grand Tour would give us more to sink our teeth into.

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