BBC Editor Represents Minority: Bashes on The Grand Tour

I know! I didn’t believe it either, but apparently it’s true. There is someone on Earth who didn’t enjoy the premiere of The Grand Tour. Oh, and they work for the BBC.


The BBC Arts Editor Will Compertz seems to be less than enthusiastic, and far and away differential in is take on The Grand Tour. In what is otherwise a uniform sea of glowing reviews for the new show from Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, and Amazon, Gompertz essentially stands alone. I can’t imagine why, but I am sure many of you will come up with the answer.

In his review for The Grand Tour, Gompertz said the show was “wanting to be a movie”, “uncomfortably hubristic”, and also said the style in which the show was filmed “make it seem like it was aimed at cinema audiences rather than those watching TV.” While I personally fail to see what the problem is here, clearly Mr. Gompertz has seen something we all missed.

Did I mention he works for the BBC?

Of the opening scene, one which fans and critics alike have raved about, Gompertz also found issues with. He went on to describe the opening as “so over the top and opulent you’d think that the Prince Regent was behind the camera.”

He continued with his scathing review saying that “the payoff never comes”, that portions of the show “goes on a bit” and continued in saying that “the cheesy smiles are not a set-up to a joke, but a precursor to them taking the stage.”

While most fans and critics obviously do not share an opinion with Will Gompertz, I doubt anyone really cares what they are. Maybe he can just wait for the next season of Top Gear and be the one critic who actually likes it.


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Source: The Telegraph

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