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Jeremy Clarkson Is Rebuilding His Blown Up House

You all remember the bet that Jeremy Clarkson had? It was the first episode of the first season of The Grand Tour, and Clarkson bet his house that the McLaren P1 was the fastest car of the Holy Trinity, which included the Porsche 918 and La Ferrari.

Unfortunately for him, the hybrid McLaren was the slowest of the three cars, meaning that Hammond and May had dibs over Clarkson’s Chipping Norton countryside abode. What they chose to do with it was a pleasure to watch!

It turns out that this demolition was planned, as Jeremy already had planning in place to built a three story mansion with a cinema, games room, and a ‘party barn’, for when the kids come over (Hammond and May).

He will also have space for 5 cars, a separate garage for his quad-bikes (who knew?), a walled garden, an orangery, a horse yard, and five bathrooms – for when one gets bored of peeing in just one hole in the floor. 

We’ll bring you more pictures as we get them! Anyone here interested in property?