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How Has Richard Hammond’s Knee Been Since The Crash?

We all know about Hammond’s Rimac crash while filming a segment for the second season of The Grand Tour, and we all know that he’s now back to work and able to drive again. But of course, we love our Hamster and want to know how he’s doing. It’s only natural to worry about one of our favorite television presenters, right?

One viewer did just that during the September 22nd Facebook live Q&A, asking how Hammond’s leg was doing. Hammond’s response?

“My leg is good, thank you. There it is, it bends and hinges and has full range of movement. It’s a bit disappointing though, I can’t run! (to which James replied with a sarcastic “Oh no!”) Well, just because you don’t…that’s actually a big loss for me.”

There was a follow up question along the same lines (as far as Richard’s affinity for crashing goes) where a viewer asked if Hammond thought it was a good idea for Mindy to teach their kids how to drive and not him. Interestingly enough, Richard said that his eldest is now learning and he is not teaching her at all. So there you have it.