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Hurricane Otis Threatens to Disrupt Mexican Grand Prix: Latest Weather Updates

The Mexican Grand Prix faces a potential disruption due to Hurricane Otis, as latest forecasts indicate severe weather conditions. This unexpected turn comes just before the 19th round of the Formula 1 season at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Key Takeaways:

  • Threat of Hurricane Otis: The category-5 Hurricane Otis, moving 200 kilometers north of the circuit, is expected to bring significant rainfall, impacting the track conditions. There is a looming concern about the level of grip the tarmac will offer during the race weekend.
  • Contrast in Weather Conditions: The predicted weather for the Mexican GP starkly contrasts the hot and humid conditions experienced in Qatar and Austin. The forecast includes a mix of sun and clouds with potential showers, with temperatures reaching up to 26 degrees centigrade.
  • Race Weekend Forecast: Friday’s practice session might face low grip conditions due to the rainfall, while the qualifying day is expected to be dry and windy. The Grand Prix on Sunday is also anticipated to have dry conditions, offering relief to teams and drivers.

The Mexican Grand Prix, an eagerly awaited event in the Formula 1 calendar, is now under a cloud of uncertainty due to the threat posed by Hurricane Otis. As the Formula 1 teams gear up for the 19th round at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, the weather forecasts have added a twist to the preparations.

Contrary to the previous races in Qatar and Austin, where teams battled hot and humid conditions, the Mexican GP presents a different challenge. The forecast suggests a peak temperature of 26 degrees centigrade, but the major concern is the impending hurricane. The category-5 Hurricane Otis, currently positioned about 200 kilometers north of the race circuit, is expected to strike the area with heavy rainfall, potentially affecting the race schedule and strategies.

According to, the hurricane’s impact could lead to significant changes in track conditions. The anticipated rainfall might wash away the rubber laid down on the track, leaving it in a low-grip state for Friday’s practice session. Teams might have to adapt to these changing conditions, possibly facing a wet practice session at 12.30 local time. This unpredictability adds an extra layer of complexity to the team’s strategies, especially considering the medium downforce nature of the track which is usually suited for low-speed corners and high-speed straights.

Despite these challenges, there is a silver lining. The temperatures during the weekend are expected to be more pleasant compared to the extreme heat in Qatar, which had caused health concerns among several drivers. Furthermore, the qualifying day and the day of the Grand Prix are forecasted to be dry and windy, potentially alleviating some of the concerns regarding track conditions.

As the F1 community braces for Hurricane Otis, the teams and drivers will have to be prepared for a range of conditions, from wet practice sessions to potentially dry race conditions. This variability not only tests the adaptability of the teams but also adds an element of excitement for the fans, as the Mexican Grand Prix promises to be an event filled with unpredictability and thrilling racing action.

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