The Grand Tour ‘Homophobic’ Jokes From Colombia Special Sparks LOTS Of Anger

It’s no surprise that people have felt touchy about jokes that were made during The Grand Tour Colombia Special. Specifically, the jokes about Clarkson’s Jeep Wrangler being an icon of the LGBT community.

Singer Will Young accused the show of being homophobic after being insulted by the comments made about moisturising, lip stick, and the Wrangler. It’s along rant, maybe get yourself a cup of tea.


Obviously he felt quite strongly about the subject, and while everyone has a right to freedom of speech, we fail to see what really was so insulting about this episode. We have an article coming soon on the whole of the special episode where we will discuss this further, but no where during the episode did we think, “oh, that’s insulting to the LGBT community”.

He carries on…

So it looks as though Will Young is wanting to make a big deal out of this. We are unsure as to whether he actually has a legal case or not, but it doesn’t look like he wants to let this go.

So, do you think he has a point, or is he simply stirring the pot for a bit of Twitter fame? Let’s not forget, he is trying to promote his new podcast… He also mentions in his tweet how he’d love to work with Amazon in the future. No, surely this can’t be just a way of getting attention? Hmm.

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