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Clarkson’s Farm: Amazon Boss Confirms Who Will Return Upcoming Series

Prime Video recently revealed that Clarkson’s Farm would be returning for a third series, before the second series has even been released. And to tease fans even further, Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studios’ head of UK Originals, has given an insight on who will be returning for the upcoming series.

Fans were excited when Kaleb Cooper shared to his instagram to keep an eye out on Prime Video’s instagram account for an exciting announcement. A video was then released of Jeremy Clarkson driving his tractor around a field with Cooper and Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan complaining about what he was doing. The camera eventually panned out to show that Clarkson had mown a big ‘3’ in the grass.

The first series of this hit farming show introduced fans to Clarkson’s second in command, Kaleb Cooper, his partner Lisa Hogan, and land agent Charlie Ireland. Fans also loved Gerald Cooper who was a hilarious addition to the team, mainly because no one had a clue what he was saying.

Grabiner spoke about the upcoming second series at the Edinburgh Film Festival in August. He explained:

“We’re just going into the edit now and it’s looking very good. More Kaleb Cooper, more Gerald. You can understand a little bit more of Gerald this time. I think maybe every season, you’ll understand a few more words of Gerald. It’s going very, very well. And also it’s just great to see someone like Kaleb, he had never been on television before.

“He’s an authentic – he was the tractor driver who happened to work nearby the farm. And I think it just shows you that new talent, particularly that sort of expert, authentic talent can just explode with the right vehicle and the right approach to the show. So I think observing his rise has been really an exciting part of that show.”

Although Prime Video have not released an exact release date yet, sources close to the production team have given a ‘release window’ of sometime between January and March 2023.

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