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Clarkson’s Farm Celebrates Small Victory With Planning Permission Update

The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has faced mixed results in his appeal regarding modifications to his farmland. This dispute was sparked by West Oxfordshire District Council taking issue with Clarkson’s intentions to open a restaurant and expand parking on his land. While The Planning Inspectorate agreed to changes in land use and the parking extension, they denied permission for the restaurant.

Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm, is based in Chadlington and featured prominently in the Amazon Prime Video series, “Clarkson’s Farm”. According to, The council had objected to Clarkson’s plans to morph his farmland into a blend of agriculture and leisure spot, which included a café, restaurant, gift/farm shop, and toilet facilities. In a small win for the farm, the Inspector approved all changes, excluding the restaurant, and allowed for the car park to be extended, which has been a long-time coming.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Community responses have varied, with some citing benefits to local business, while others have complained about increased traffic. The farm was labelled a “victim of its own success” in the report, challenging the council’s categorisation of it as a leisure attraction since it doesn’t ask for entrance fees.

The Inspector made it clear that the current arrangement couldn’t handle parking demand, causing inconvenience to local residents. He added that the proposed restaurant, outdoor seating, signage, and a catering van would negatively impact the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Despite these drawbacks, he recognised the contributions of the shop and café to local employment and economy. The permissions given will last for three years, requiring site restoration afterward.

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