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Jeremy Clarkson Reflects On Clarkson’s Farm: “I Thought It Would Serve As Gentle Disappointment”

With the eagerly anticipated upcoming season of Clarkson’s Farm due to be released in early 2023, Jeremy Clarkson has spoken about how “proud” he is of the “extremely successful” Prime Video farming show. 
Reflecting on the first season of the show which came out around July 2021, Clarkson explained that he thought the new venture for him would be a “disappointment” to his fans that know him for reviewing cars and presenting Top Gear and now The Grand Tour. However, he was excited to see this wasn’t the case when the show was a hit straight away. 
We saw in the first season Clarkson trying to navigate his way through this new-to-him industry. He was joined by his Diddly Squat team who all become very much-loved by fans, especially young farmer, Kaleb Cooper. 
When Clarkson was quizzed on how the first season of the show was received, he responded:
“It’s been a total crazy ride!”
He continued:

“I wanted to try and make it serious, and it’s completely unscripted.

“I never know what we’re doing in the morning when we start farming. I’m farming today, and the film crew isn’t here.

“They’re coming on Wednesday, and I have no clue what I’m doing on Wednesday, because I don’t know what the weather’s going to be like.

“But, it has been extremely successful and I’m extremely proud of it,”

The Grand Tour host confessed that he didn’t see his strong fan base enjoying a farming programme in a million years. He explained:

“I thought it would serve as a gentle disappointment to The Grand Tour fans, but everyone seems to like it.

“Little kids, grannies. Farmers absolutely love it,”

Clarkson has been clear from the beginning of the shows release that he wanted it to portray a realistic and honest view of the farming industry, something Clarkson has received a lot of praise for from farmers.

“I set out to make the nuts and bolts of farming. This is what farming is like.

“It’s not a ‘crash, band, wallop’ film at all. It’s me trying my hardest to learn how to farm, which I still am,”

We will have to stay patient for the second series, however, it is set to be just as hilarious and enlightening as the first. We have put together everything there is to know about the second series and will keep you up to date with new announcements.

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