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Jeremy Clarkson Revealed Injury On Clarkson’s Farm: “How It Didn’t Take My Leg Off…”

Season two filming of Clarkson’s Farm is coming to an end as they prepare to release the show in the new year. Fans are looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes of the controversies surrounding Diddly Squat and Jeremy Clarkson’s attempt to expand his business. But in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, The Grand Tour presenter revealed how he almost lost his leg in a farming incident as he continued filming for the second season.

The first series of Clarkson’s Farm was released to positive reviews from fans who were surprised by the level of old fashioned journalism that was involved in its making as Jeremy battled with the difficult and expensive industry.

Trying to keep up with legislation, regulations, and a troubled economy, the ex-Top Gear presenter had a number of knowledgeable people to help him such as the now-famous Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland, and of course, his partner Lisa Hogan. He struggled, and it showed, but these episodes highlighted the fact that farming isn’t as easy as Farming Life makes it look.

Now, to be shown in the upcoming series, Jeremy has revealed that he was seriously hurt when he was using some new equipment.

Clarkson explained to Jonathan Ross:

“There are more accidents in farming than all the other industries put together.

“I got this thing called a telehandler, it’s like a JCB thing. I thought ‘I’ll just use its front to push the post in.’

“I actually got Kaleb [Cooper] to go in and it got halfway into the ground and the fence was leaning on it and it flicked back.

“How it didn’t take my leg off…I didn’t walk properly for a week. This was a quarter of a tonne of fence post.”

It has also been confirmed that the much-loved Kaleb Cooper will be joining the Grand Tour host for the second season, which is no surprise as he was clearly a fan favourite, as well as Gerald Cooper and those I mentioned above.

During the interview with the chat host, Clarkson was very complimentary of his young second in command:

“He’s entrepreneurial, that’s how I’d describe him,” he said on Kaleb.

“We’ve got this farm shop now. The shop is a huge success and consequently, we’ve had to mow a field near it so people can park there and it’s really a mud bath.

“Kaleb now goes up and charges people £15 to tow their cars out.”

It was also revealed recently that, when ferrying people back and forth to Clarkson’s new restaurant, Kaleb asks for tips. This was noted by journalist Jan Moir, however, who was later called out by Clarkson to by lying on Twitter.

Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm will be coming to Amazon Prime Video in the new year according to Jeremy, so there will be plenty of news to come. Make sure you stick around and follow our social sites to keep up!

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