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Jeremy Clarkson Slammed For Causing “Complete Chaos” By Angry Local Resident

Jeremy Clarkson has received a significant amount of backlash from local residents over his farm shop and various expansions of the farm.

We saw a glimpse of this on the first season of Clarkson’s Farm and are most likely going to see more on the upcoming second series when we are set to see the background drama surrounding the opening of the restaurant.

Part of the problem with local residents is the amount of visitors the Diddly Squat Farm Shop has, especially as it has become more of a ‘fan attraction’ rather than people simply just shopping. One local resident in particular blamed the former Top Gear host for causing “complete chaos” which lead to them missing an important appointment.

The resident, who remained anonymous, told the Oxford Mail:

“It is complete chaos – I was 20 minutes late for a doctor’s appointment due to queues.

“They have parking management on the entrance of Clarkson’s farm who are instructing cars to park on the road.

“The cars parked go on for more than a mile. It is ridiculous.”

The Grand Tour host responded to the complaint to his Twitter followers, saying:

“There are three roads from Chadlington to the A361.

“She could have used one of the other two instead of moaning.”

Another Twitter user also criticised how busy the farm shop is, they wrote:

“The shop is smaller than my bathroom and there’s more in there than his shop!!! Car park is like a swamp!!”

Clarkson was quick to respond, he explained:

“We were rather taken aback by the number of people who came.

“But things will get better now we know what we are aiming at.”

Another user chimed in to the argument, commenting:

“Tbh your shop is on 1 road, near a nasty junction but I do think it brings more to the area than it takes.

“The verges are destroyed, traffic is an issue, I know… Why not have the shop at the farmyard/house?”(sic)

The upcoming second series of the popular farming show is due to come out early 2023.

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