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Kaleb Cooper Exposes Recurring Clarkson’s Farm Problem

Kaleb Cooper, who rose to fame on the hit Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm alongside The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson, recently took to Instagram to share an issue he’s faced throughout the year.

As Clarkson’s reliable right-hand man, Kaleb’s insights from the Oxfordshire fields are always highly regarded by fans. Besides working with Clarkson, Kaleb manages his farm labouring business in Chipping Norton as well as embarking on an upcoming tour for his book, The World According To Kaleb.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Engaging with his two million followers on Instagram, Kaleb shared an issue that’s plagued his farming all year: “So I’ve had really bad mower problems this year,” he disclosed. Continuing his narrative, Kaleb mentioned: “And I had a mower break yesterday and we’re demoing this set now.

He showcased his older mower and the recent Krone-branded equipment addition, concluding with a satisfied whistle, signalling his approval of the new machinery. Yet, he left it ambiguous if this mowing challenge was at the “Diddly Squat Farm” or another site his company tends to.

Amidst these updates, there’s considerable anticipation about the upcoming season of “Clarkson’s Farm.” With filming currently ongoing, the possibility of Kaleb’s mowing issues originating from Clarkson’s renowned Cotswolds farm remains high. Adding to the fans’ anticipation, Jeremy, aged 63, gave a sneak peek into the series’ progress, stating it should wrap up by October. While not disclosing an exact air date, he hinted, “Clarkson’s Farm would be back on screens next August,” so fans still have a long wait to go.

The third and possibly final season of Clarkson’s Farm will continue to feature Cooper alongside other fan-favourites including ‘Cheerful’ Charlie Ireland, Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan, and ‘head of security’ Gerald Cooper.

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