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Jeremy Clarkson Teases “Interesting Scene” With Kaleb Cooper As Clarkson’s Farm Filming Continues

Jeremy Clarkson’s popular Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm, won over viewers after the first series. But with the second series looking to be released early next year, fans are getting tired of waiting.

Fortunately, The Grand Tour presenter continues to post teasers to his social media accounts, and his latest teaser has got fans really interested in what’s to come.

“Interesting scene today,” Jeremy wrote alongside a photo of a clapperboard that reads: “Kaleb’s choppa”.


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Fans were keen to guess what’s going on, with several wondering if this was Kaleb Cooper’s new form of transport to get to London.

The first season saw the cameras follow Kaleb as he attempted to sell wasabi to a London restaurant. Talking about his few trips to the capital city, he said:

‘Hated it, f***ing awful.

‘I got a nosebleed when we went to Stow [On-the-Wold],’ he said.

“What’s wrong with me? I never thought that I would look forward to a show about farming so much,” says one fan.

A second complains: “You must be filming 2 more seasons. It’s taking so long.”

But Clarkson, never one to leave us hanging for too long, posted another photo of the helicopter arriving for Kaleb.


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According to FlightRadar247, the helicopter did indeed fly to London on July 14th.

“My first thought (before I read the caption) was ‘Why is Hammond being airlifted this time?'” one fan joked, referring to Hammond’s endless incidents that seem to always end with the presenter being airlifted to hospital.

“Wasn’t he scared of going up The Shard? I’d hate to see how scared he gets in that…” another writes as they worry about Kaleb’s fear of heights.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 is expected to be released to Prime Video early next year.

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