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Abbie Eaton May Not Be In The Grand Tour Season 4, But She’s Doing Something Much Better

With The Grand Tour’s popular racing driver more than likely not returning to the screen for the fourth season of the motoring show, Abbie Eaton is now involved in something a lot would argue is a lot more special.

It’s a massive shame to hear that Eaton isn’t returning alongside the Eboladrome and the tent, but it’s just been announced that she will be part of the 2020 lineup for the W Series where she will compete with another 19 drivers.

Abbie is one of six new names that have been added to this season after a test in September in which 14 drivers took part. Another two drivers, to make a total of 20 on the grid, are yet to be named. The other drivers are Ayla Agren, Nerea Marti, Belen Garcia, Irina Sidorkova and Bruna Tomaselli.

Abbie Eaton May Not Be In The Grand Tour Season 4, But She's Doing Something Better

“I was generally impressed by the 14 drivers whom we tested and appraised at Almeria last month, and making our selection was correspondingly difficult,” the series’ racing director Dave Ryan told Autosport.

“But we’ve crunched all the data to the best of our ability, and I’m therefore confident that the 18 drivers whom we’ve selected so far represent an excellent line-up.

“But we’ve left two spaces available, to allow us a little more time to select the final two drivers who, together with the 18 drivers we’ve already selected, will make up the 20 drivers who’ll contest the 2020 W Series championship.

“However, all the stars of our 2019 season will race again with us in 2020 – including Jamie, who’ll be defending her crown, as well as Beitske, Alice, Marta and Emma, who all won races with us last year – but some of the new drivers on our 2020 entry list are clearly very good too.

“I’m consequently hoping our 2020 season will be even better than our 2019 season.”

With Abbie Eaton becoming such a role model for anyone trying to get into the racing game, her being involved in the W Series will not only allow her to reach new heights of her career, but be in the public eye once again.

We’re so happy for Abbie Eaton and will be watching intently! We wish all drivers the best of luck for the upcoming season.

Jamie Chadwick will be defending her title this coming season with the intent to join Formula 1 in the near future.

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  1. Good luck actually seeing any of the races. The geniuses over at the “W” series refuse to put the races on YouTube, or anywhere else, for that matter. Apparently, they don’t give two figs about building an audience or getting exposure for any of their drivers.

    Because they are morons. Whoever is negotiating their media contracts is the WORLD’S WORST BUSINESS PERSON. Give me 48 hours in the front office, and I’ll have this whole thing going viral worldwide.

    So good luck with your secret little series, nimrods. I would very much like to root and cheer for these women, but alas, the brain-trust at the ‘W” series doesn’t seem to think that fans are actually important to the sport.

    Because they are morons.

  2. Glad to know I will be able to continue to see Abbie along with the rest of the W drivers.

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