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After Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson Show on Amazon Called The Grand Tour

At long last, Jeremy Clarkson’s new show from Amazon following his dismissal from the BBC’s Top Gear has a name. The English star made the announcement on Twitter, going public with The Grand Tour, or ‘GT’ for short.

Not only is The Grand Tour a fitting name given the show’s reported traveling motif, but GT is about as car-centric of a name as you could get.

Plus, it’s ironic that it shares the backwards initials of Top Gear. Coincidence? Probably, even though the Amazon original series will star Clarkson, along with familiar sidekicks Richard Hammond and James May.

However, back in April, it was reported that Amazon was looking to name the show ‘Gear Knobs’. That too close to Top Gear for the BBC’s liking, as confirmed by The Guardian and subsequently tweeted out by Clarkson himself on April 8th.

But alas, the trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May have settled on a strong name. Coinciding with its release, Amazon launched a Facebook page for The Grand Tour, including a video that teased some of the names that were under consideration.

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The witty clip winds through a host of ruled-out names, including the jokey Selling England By The Pound, a decent try with Automates and a very much on the nose The Clarkson, Hammond and May Car Show on Amazon.

Needless to say, The Grand Tour is a worthy winner, as it provides both a simple explanation for the show, along with an homage to touring cars themselves.

The show is expected to be available for streaming Amazon Prime as soon as Fall 2016, with filming transpiring this spring and summer.

The Grand Tour is the brainchild of Amazon executive Jeff Bezos, as he sought to provide a landing place for Clarkson after his removal from Top Gear in early 2015.

The show has brought on Hammond and May –who both left their old post with respect to Clarkson– and is quickly becoming Amazon’s most-anticipated original series ever.

As for Top Gear? The BBC mainstay has relaunching with new talent, including Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc. Yes, the Friends co-star.

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