The Grand Tour

Andy Wilman Reveals Behind The Scenes Shots Of Season 4

Hopefully the news that Season 4 of The Grand Tour will only consist of two episodes hasn’t got you down enough that you can’t enjoy some behind the scenes shots of the boys hard at work. Because Andy Wilman, executive producer of the show, is putting in long hours to edit the first episode of the season and has decided to treat us.

He says, “it’s a rib tickler,” promising that this episode is definitely worth the wait after almost a year of not having the boys on our screens.

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The first episode could include any of the following locations: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Jeremy Clarkson has promised that those countries will feature at some point during Season 4, but as to which episode includes which, we can’t be sure. We can confirm that episode 1 will include Cambodia, where James May was almost killed during filming.

We can’t wait for Season 4, but until then, will have to make do with either rewatching old Grand Tour episodes, or by keeping up to date with Clarkson, Hammond and May’s solo projects.

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  1. I’d rather they just cancel the show than do some half-A$$ attempt at satisfying their contractual obligations. It was a nice ride while it lasted.

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