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Eboladrome Corner – Your Name Here – Gets Potential Sponsor. Kinda.

It looks like the creative fans on Reddit are at it again. Earlier this week we showed you the clever speed limit picture the fans on The Grand Tour subreddit created, and today they have posted another. The newest creation, I dare say, will most likely not be posted on The Grand Tour page as the newest addition pokes a bit of fun at The Grand Tour’s across the pond rival Top Gear.

As you may have read in our recent articles, the BBC is one of the only media outlets in the world who has been critical and downright negative in their reviews of The Grand Tour and their treatment of the former Top Gear hosts. The hosts have all appeared on various BBC programs and have received lukewarm treatment at best. It’s safe to say the BBC would probably not have much of a sense of humor about this.


As you can see in this paradoxical photo edit, it looks like Top Gear haas purchased a spot on the brand new “Your Name Here” corner of the new Grand Tour test track named Eboladrome.

We love seeing the creativity from fans of The Grand Tour and hope to see more great submissions, especially following the premiere of Episode 2 tomorrow! Want to know what you can expect? Check out our article here breaking down the trailer for the upcoming episode.

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Update – Here are some that fans have suggested on our Facebook page




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