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Jeremy Clarkson already Offends Group of People in First Episode of the Season

I know, none of us are surprised. It only took Jeremy one episode of The Grand Tour to offend a group of people enough for them to throw a fit about it. Now we all know that Jeremy is no stranger to offending people having been accused of racist comments and jokes in the past and on more than one occasion apologizing for said comments. It would seem that some things never change.

In the premiere episode of The Grand Tour Clarkson compared himself and his co-hosts to gypsies saying “This is our new traveling studio tent. We’re going to be roaming the world in…we’re going to be like gypsies – only the cars we drive are going to be insured.”


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In response to Clarkson’s comments, the Traveller Movement has lodged an official complaint with Ofcom, an independent regulator and competition authority for communications industries in the U.K., against the show. The magazine published by the same group also wrote that the joke was “racist.”


According to the Mirror, comments on the Chorley Romany Facebook page had comments from various individuals saying things like:

“They’d been in trouble for just this kind of behavior on the BBC, but now they’re on Amazon they obviously think that they can get away with it.”

“I notice that almost the first thing they did was make racist jokes about Gypsies not having their vans insured…”

Ironically enough even co-host Richard Hammond seemed to know they would receive a bit of flak for the comments telling Jeremy during the show “Stop saying things that are going to get us fired.”  While there has been no official comment from Jeremy Clarkson or Amazon at the time of writing this article, one may be made in the coming days.

Now we just have to wait and see what kind of trouble Jeremy gets himself into in the next episode…

Source: Mirror

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  1. It is typical of this new “BUTTHURT” and “OFFENDED” generation we have now. I would love them to watch All in the Family or the Jeffersons from my day. We were laughing to hard to get butthurt

  2. How is it racist? where is the reference or insult to a specific ethnic background? gypsies come in different flavors (haha) and I’m sure there’s a little bit of diversity within the “travellers” group , right?. Saying that they can’t or just won’t insure their vehicles for whatever reason doesn’t even qualiffies as offensive, and leaving courtesy aside, Who the fuck gives a shit about what a bunch of pikeys get offended on?, honestly im surprised that they have internet in the first place. Nowadays people feel entitled to complain about anything. You cunts want respect? stop being the scum of humanity first; then, take a shower or two, seriously.

  3. Wrong headline. It should be “groups of people already feel offended”. There’s a solution for that: don’t watch.

  4. So now stating fact is no longer acceptable? Sorry if the truth hurts but I retired from law enforcement and having stopped numerous Gypsy owned vehicles, I can say that not having insurance is the rule rather than the exception.

  5. Maybe they should include a slot on the show where they can reply to some of the worst complaints. I can imagine it would be hilarious. Also these people couldn’t have been that offended, after all they watched he show !!!

  6. Has anybody watched the reality show, “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. You want a piss take, then that’s the show to watch. The world is so sensitive now. Carry On Jezzer!

  7. It obviously was meant as a joke attempt to offend. If you’re not going to be offended by jokes, don’t pay for prime and watch the show. This is what the show is… you don’t have to watch it.

  8. I am sure that Amazon was expecting this. Jeremy Clarkson is a free speaker and doesn’t care if people get offended. The reason people get offended so much is because he speaks the truth and they can’t handle it. He is no different than most good journalists. I think the new show is awesome and people need to just leave them all 3 alone and let then continue to entertain the fans!

  9. In the 1st episode… there was a LITERAL SEGMENT about offending americans…. and guess what happened. NOTHING. They insulted an entire country and nobody cared. STFU GYPSIES YOU DONT EVEN OWN TV’S OR CABLE HOW DO YOU EVEN WATCH THIS? FROM STEALING WIFI I BET

  10. All I can say is keep on complaining it is gonna put the ratinging for this great show through the roof.

  11. And here I was thinking, we here in the US have the biggest cry babies. Suck it up Butter Cup facts facts 🙂

  12. Get over yourself. It was just a joke. He made fun of us Americans, but we are watching by the millions. People need to stop taking everything so seriously.

  13. As far as I am concerned all he did was state a fact.

    Around the town I live we have had hundreds of traveller community incidents in the last ten years, a few of which I had to get involved in for one reason or another. In those incidents all (not some – ALL) the vehicles involved were untaxed and 5 vans and 3 cars uninsured with no registered keeper listed. 2 vans were impounded and crushed as was a motorhome. A poor farmer lost his crops and several animals who the travellers shot! If you have no fixed abode you should not be allowed a driving licence and definitely not allowed to own a car/van/lorry unless it has a permanent SORN notice!

    The travellers we get in the UK are NOT Romany gypsies they are just fee/tax/insurance dodging scum who deserve all the flak they get from the media IMO. Well done Jeremy for making normal hardworking tax paying citizens laugh at the expense of these people.

  14. So here’s the deal; people on this planet need to get some thicker skin. This seems especially so in the UK where a literal sneeze can get you in trouble. I’m no stranger to being insulted by people. I grew up living a poor life and have chosen a career as an adult that isn’t especially loved by many Americans. But what other people think of one shouldn’t define who they are. The great thing about Amazon producing this site is that is in America. Freedom of speech gets to kick in. Let’s all use Jeremy as practice on how to get over offensive content shall we!

  15. The show is on the internet. Good luck censoring internet. And if you are offended by jokes, go effin kill yourself.

    1. Agreed. The media is turning into kids “I’m telling on you.” To these idiotic people who get offended: It’s called entertainment, if you don’t like it then stop watching. Another one of these Artie’s popped up before and didn’t allow people to leave comments, I was going to give the author the 3rs degree.

  16. These folks need to get a life. On second thought perhaps they should just shoot themselves now. They obviously can’t handle reality.

  17. Omg there was also a joke of Americans being all rednecks and no one complains about that. Shut up and get over yourselves it was a joke. People so so dam sensitive anymore you can’t sneeze without offending someone.

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