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Executive Producer Andy Wilman Talks Top Gear And The Grand Tour Season 4

With so much news being revealed about The Grand Tour Season 4, plus the individual projects that Clarkson, Hammond, May, and their executive producer Andy Wilman are taking on, this seems like the perfect time to show you an interview that Andy Wilman had on the Home & Hosed Podcast with Freddy Clode.

He not only talks about the upcoming seasons, but he gives an insight into the history of Top Gear, his friendship with Jeremy Clarkson while in school together, and how they became such a success. It’s in three parts but it is well worth a listen.

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  1. With the UTV craze that is hitting was hoping to see speacial with that has the 3 Amigos on a trip across various terrains in a sport UTV. The CanAm Maverick x3 Turbos now boasts 240 bhp per ton. CanAm(JC) vs Polaris (RH)vs Honda (JM) heading across mountain trails, hitting deserts, technical forest trails rock climbing, mud bogging. This is a Grand Tour begging for a camera.

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