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Richard Hammond Admits Clarkson and May’s Feelings Over New Show: “They’re Just So Jealous, It’s Horrible,””

In a recent interview with BBC One last night, Richard Hammond admitted sarcastically that fellow presenters of The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson and James May were extremely upset that Hammond is now working on another show.

Hammond is hitting the screens via Amazon Prime Video at the end of this month alongside Mythbusters star tory Belleci in their new show, The Great Escapists. In this show the two stars will be trying to develop an island of luxuries after being stranded with only a wreckage to pick from. But this has left Clarkson and May rather “jealous”, according to Hammond.

Alex Jones fired questions at Hammond regarding how Clarkson and May feel about him leaving the trio temporarily to work on something new with another presenter.

“You did look like you had a lot of fun,

“But it is a bit weird for us in the UK, Richard, to see you with a new friend in tow. 

“Now how did Jeremy and James feel about that?” Alex questioned.

Hammond replies jokingly: “Oh man, they were so jealous, still are.”

“Seething almost, won’t return my calls. Look at him [Tory]! 

“You know, he’s good-looking, he’s funny, he’s American which makes him more interesting.”

Tory pretends to be embarrassed before Hammond continues:

“They’re just so jealous, it’s horrible,” he continued. “I feel really bad for them. I think I’ve broken their hearts.”

The four of them laugh at Hammond’s exaggerations, before asking further about what we’re expecting to see. He explains that this show means something more to him due to the fact it’s under his own production company. 

“It was a deadly serious endeavour,” he told Jermaine and Alex. 

“We decided because it’s my company who made it, it’s a big thing for us, we better get this right.”

He continues:

“We thought it was no good if it was Tory and I standing on a beach saying: ‘Oh no, we’ve been shipwrecked, what we gonna do,’ when there’s somebody going behind us on a jet ski.

“So we thought let’s do it on a proper deserted island so we did and it was kind of, really tough.”

We’re very excited to see what happens as Tory and Richard fight to survive on the island. You’ll be able to watch it on Amazon Prime Video on 29 January 2021.

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