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Grand Tour: James May and Richard Hammond Rehearse Jeremy Clarkson’s Death Speech

A lot of us perceive Fridays as the light at the end of the tunnel with the light being the weekend. Maybe that is why Fridays are somehow better, happier, and lighter than all the other days. To make Fridays better than they already are, we’re going to be posting the best and funniest Grand Tour/ Old Top Gear stories. We’re calling the series ‘Friday Funday.’

Today, we’re bringing you a clip from Season 3, Episode 7 of the Grand Tour called ‘Well Aged Scotch’ where Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond are seen on a road trip across Scotland. The trio has set out to prove that classic cars don’t necessarily have to be insanely expensive.

Jeremy drives an Alfa Romeo GTV6, James drives a Lancia Gamma Coupe and Richard drives a Fiat X1/9. The episode shows the three presenters driving through some of the best roads of the North 500, winding through spectacular scenery. What’s even better is the sound emanating from the three cars.

However, the video in question is from a scene at the beginning of the road trip when the conditions were particularly cold and wet. Around 6 degrees celcius to be specific. The producers as usual had reserved backup vehicles in case the classic cars broke down. But, instead of being cars, they were bicycles.

On the way, the trio stopped at a small race track to dry and drift their classic cars using plastic wheel covers. While having a go, Jeremy’s Alfa produced a loud bang. Shockingly for him, one of the parts that held the propshaft properly had come off, making the Alfa undrivable.

James couldn’t help Jeremy because he needed his evening drink. Unfortunately, he ended up using use the backup transport while the other two went ahead to reach the hotel to have their drink, which was 20 miles away. The intermittent drizzle made it colder and the light was dimming quickly. One could hear Jeremy ranting on a bicycle when his Alfa, which was loaded on a flatbed, passed by him.

The conversation in the video occurs at this point. Hammond and May were enjoying their drink, thinking that Jeremy wouldn’t make it to the hotel on the bicycle because he’d be dead.

It gets more hilarious when they begin to rehearse their death speech for him. Hammond then spots Jeremy through the window, struggling to lock his bicycle in extreme cold. Failing to do so, Jeremy heads towards the door to get inside quickly but finds the door to be locked. One can hear Hammond and May giggle inside at this point as Jeremy quite desperately, calls out for Hammond.

Eventually, Jeremy manages to have his Alfa repaired before the three drive into the sunny side of Scotland, a plan suggested by Hammond over tea. Do you feel like watching the entire episode now, just like us?

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