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Ice Cream Company Responds To Richard Hammond’s Comments

I’m not going to add anymore garbage to an already overflowing trash can, so I want it to be known that I am not here to talk about Richard’s ice cream comments from Episode 6. What’s been said has been said, and like many things these days media outlets had a field day with a bunch of comments that were clearly meant as a joke. People need to unclench for a second and not take everything so damn seriously. With that being said, however, there are some pretty clever comebacks.

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Wall’s Ice Cream has probably one of the better responses to Richard, as evidenced in their Twitter post below:

Not bad, Wall’s, not bad. Short and classy, and you DIDN’T FREAK OUT like everyone else. While we’re at it, let swing on over to Reddit and take a look at some Redditors’ submissions, shall we? Some of them are legitimately hilarious, and some of them are a bit too crass for my tastes, but here’s a little sampling:

A couple of potshots at Jeremy as well:

Captain Slow doesn’t get off easy either:

Ok, now that this “incident” has had its 15 minutes, can we stop being offended and move on? I’m pretty sure the next episode will offend viewers in some new way, so it would be best not to use up all our energy on this one thing. And if anything, it was refreshing to see that it wasn’t Jeremy once again pissing off the world.

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