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Jeremy Clarkson Criticises M25 Climate Change Protesters As They Block Major Road

Jeremy Clarkson has criticised climate change protestors after they blocked one of the major roads of the UK, the M25 motorway.

Over 70 people were arrested from the protests which began on Monday and occurred sporadically over the week. Friday then saw not only the M25 being disrupted, but the M3 as well.

These protestors are fighting for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to fund the insulation of “Britain’s 29 million leaky homes by 2030,” but Jeremy was keen to respond after “wailing and gnashing” his teeth as “everyone” has already insulated their lofts.

The ex-Top Gear presenter noted on the subject that he actually felt “rather sorry for them,” as wrote his column for The Sunday Times.

“Two of the people sitting on the M25 on Wednesday were vicars, and that tells us a lot,” he adds.

“And the people not moving them on, for hours, were policemanists, and that tells us even more. (sic)

“But what it tells us most of all is that no one at the scene had anything better to do or anywhere better to be. And that’s sad.”

He was even tempted to give the vicars involved in the protests wool from his farm so they could insulate their own roofs so that they could let people “get on with the important business of doing something about climate change”.

This comes only days after the Clarkson’s Farm presenter fought for the National Farmers’ Union, saying openly at the event held for them:


“I honestly thought farming, I would just get in my Range Rover and drive round and look at things. I really did.

“I just thought you put seeds in the ground, weather happens and then some money comes.

“It’s so unusual to get a completely new lease of life at 60.

“You do one thing for 30 years and suddenly find you’re doing something completely different. I’m absolutely loving it.”

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  1. You have done more for farming with your show than the NFU (no f___ing good)have done in the last 60 years. You’ve started to explain how it the public. Well done and thank you Lorraine Long

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