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James May Confirms Grand Tour Episode Following Scotland Is Being Worked On

In a recent interview with Mike Fernie of DriveTribe, James May discusses what’s coming in the near future of his career. Of course, he mentions the next episode of The Grand Tour, which is set in Scotland and was filmed last year.

“That was good actually,” he tells Mike. “Well, it was quite complicated as we had to do it as a covid bubble.

“And we had to have bubbles within bubbles so I could only have one sound man come in my car and they put the kit in the boot because then they didn’t have to come in the car and every time somebody did come in the car to fiddle with the cameras they had to fog it and disinfect it and they disinfected us.

“But they tested us all every day anyway, and we always knew when we got up the next day whether or not we had it, and we all didn’t have it.

“That was the first thing you learned, even before you got to breakfast, ‘have I got Covid? No, keep going for another day.”

He explains that regardless of how many tests they took, they all still had to abide by the regulations set out by the government.

“But, the film that we made, I think, will be good.

“It’s an interesting idea.”

Jeremy Clarkson has previously described this episode as being “unplugged” due to the nature of filming within the pandemic. It makes us very excited for what’s coming hopefully later this year.

The Grand Tour presenter also admits that they’re already working on filming another episode the Amazon car show later this year, although he can’t reveal any more information as of yet. He also admits that Amazon is “very keen” for him to film another of his Our Man In: travel shows, after the first one, Our Man In: Japan was so successful.

Obviously, this is incredibly difficult to do during a pandemic, so it’s being pushed back, but May hints at India being a subject of a future series.

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