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James May Tells Story Of Annoyance With ‘Oh Cook’ Production Team

While The Grand Tour release date is still unknown to the masses, we’re lucky enough to have James May releasing his own solo show in only a couple of days. It’s a cooking show that we’re sure you’ve heard of if you follow GTN, called ‘Oh Cook’, and it will be released on Amazon Prime Video November 13.

With it being so close, James May has unsurprisingly been doing the rounds and talking to outlets such as The Express about what’s to come. He first outlined how the idea of such a show came about, linking it back to his original videos on his own YouTube channel, James May’s Unemployment Tube, which he created after he left Top Gear. See an example below:

Since then, he’s always wanted to produce a cooking show, with it starting as “a bit of a joke” earlier this year.

“I sort of always quite fancied doing it ever since I did some YouTube videos of cooking,” the Grand Tour host said. “When I was essentially unemployed,

“And the people I work with regularly, (the) director, the crew and so on, talked about it for several years, but as a bit of a joke.

“And then we thought, ‘Well, why don’t we actually do it? For real? We’ve got a little bit of spare time.’”

He explains that while some of his cooking was enjoyed by the team, there were some examples that were rejected. “Some of them, they were more enthusiastic about it than others so…” he paused.

– James May buys “half a pub” called The Royal Oak

“Everybody was interested in the Spotted Dick [laughs]. Everybody wanted the roast chicken when it was finished and when we actually had that as our late lunch.

“Other bits they did – I mean, the trifle, they sort of had a spoonful and said, ‘Yeah, that reminds me of being a child, you know, in miserable ’70s Britain.’”

He dives into more detail about a specific meal that didn’t quite get the team’s interest going:

“And there was – I can’t remember which one I was making there – but it was something,” James questioned.

“It was like the pie or one of the pastas, something quite big that everybody could eat.

“Just as it was ready, there was a ring on the bell of the studio because one of the production assistants had ordered pizzas for everybody.

“So all these pizzas turned up after I just cooked this fantastic thing and I thought f**k you then [laughs].”

May also recently revealed that a second season of Oh Cook was already planned, and that he’d love to continue the show, even if it means moving it to YouTube. You can read all about that by clicking here. 

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