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James May Cooks With Gordon Ramsay While Getting Blind Drunk

There are a few things one has the absolute need to see in life before you pop. The pyramids for example, or the Grand Canyon, or the first smile of a newborn baby.

Well, forget about that nonsense because with the news that James May is going to be fronting his own cooking show, we thought we’d revisit the brilliant moment when James May got drunk with Gordon Ramsay while cooking fish pies. Watch below…

On Gordon’s cooking show, the F Word, he challenges May to make a dish to be judged against his own by a table of unbiased, unknowing restaurant-goers.

Of course, in pure May fashion, the clip starts with May opening a bottle of wine and explaining how his bottle opener has two steps in it which ‘makes a difference in engineering terms’.

Already you can tell this is going to be good.

The cooking progresses and Gordon and James both explain how they’re making their dishes – the former sounding a tad more professional compared to the latter, and a little less drunk.

This unprofessionalism shown by May suddenly takes a back seat as he begins shredding his greenery. “I think I’m the first person in Britain to see Captain Slow go fast,” explains a surprised Ramsay. This surprise quickly dissipates as James then mispronounces ‘raux’ with a particular finesse.

With James constantly returning to his wine, Gordon asks him if he always drinks this much when he’s cooking. James replies, “it dulls the horror of the food that I’m going to eat later on.”

When both pies are pulled out of the oven, James decorates his with peas, spelling the word ‘cock’. Why? Because it’s James May.

(If you’re having trouble watching follow this link below)

The dishes are plated and taken to the waiting table to be judged. Who wins? Well, you’ll have to watch the video for that.

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