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Video: Karma Hits After Idiot Brake Checks A Truck

Having a basic understanding of physics is a good thing when you’re driving. It’s even more important if you’re attempting to brake check someone, although just for the record, you really shouldn’t be so stupid to attempt this with anyone, let alone a truck. Thanks to their massive weight, they take a lot longer to slow down compared to a small car, but, hey, you’re not stupid. You know this already.

This European driver obviously doesn’t understand the laws of momentum, but it did produce the perfect video of karma biting back for us to enjoy. From the video, it looks as though the car driver didn’t like the fact that the truck took about ten seconds to overtake a slower moving vehicle. As soon as the truck pulls back in, the car streaks past them and pull in aggressively in front of them.

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The truck driver flashes his lights (maybe not the best thing to do), which pushes the car to slam on its brakes. After a quick flash, the truck goes to overtake the slow-moving car, but gets blocked when the car moves out in front of it. 

This happens again, but the car slams on the brakes to the point where the truck can’t stop in time and slams into the car. Both vehicles pull over, but what follows is simply magical. The car pulls down a dirt road and crashes right into a barrier that they obviously didn’t see. Karma at its best. 

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  1. The truco driver dont even tried to stop, you can ser at his speed that was constant till he started to pull over.

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