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James May Opposes Elon Musk Twitter Changes – “I’ve Tried To Be Open Minded”

James May has been quite vocal on Twitter. Known for posting stuff that only James May would post (bird tweeting at 4.48 AM, world war aircraft, or the problem with hash browns), he has lately attacked Twitter’s new logo that is in the shape of an ‘X’. I mean, it is literally an X!

If you read his tweet in a typical James May tone (which you will), you’ll notice that he might have spent quite a lot of time pondering upon the logo and the intricacies behind it to put up a reaction like that. After all, it takes a certain degree of talent like that of Jeremy Clarkson to p*ss May off.

Asking his followers, May says that this “X business is a bit b****cks isn’t it?” He goes on to write that the new logo is “deliberately vague” and “therefore slightly oppressive”. The bird according to May was much more uplifting. He then asks his followers if they feel the same too.

Twitter’s change of logo by Elon Musk, who is known to add an X to most of his ventures (SpaceX, Tesla Model X and which became PayPal eventually) has attracted mixed reactions from users of the app. However, Musk has not specified the source of inspiration behind the re-branding but he has revealed that the new name X is not just a name change and it represents his plans to create an “everything app.”

Many of James May’s fans have sided with him by displaying displeasure of the new name and logo:

“I think you mean bolloX”

“It’s not very whimsical is it James?”

“I will always call it Twitter, and tweets. You are correct @MrJamesMay

“It does seem a bit pointless rebranding such an established platform. Twitter, bird and tweets made sense. What do we even call a Tweet under the ‘X’ platform? A criss? A cross? A criss-cross?!”

I completely agree! The X has no soul, there is nothing there. The bird felt much more inviting, it was also more recognisable and just looked better. The X is just awful

It’s not only you James, this all feels a bit authoritarian and dystopic.

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