Susie Wolff Makes Huge F1 Academy Announcement

Susie Wolff, the Managing Director of F1 Academy, has shared an exciting development for the all-female racing series.

Taking to social media, Wolff celebrated the team effort that made this possible:

“Grateful to be part of such a talented and passionate team, even though there are many faces missing in this photo from @f1 HQ and those currently in Spa.

“Together, we are working hard to bring the @f1academy vision to life. Today also marks our last race weekend before we join @f1 and from that point onwards – @f1academy races will be shown live.

“Onwards and upwards but now… it’s time for some summer holidays”

The F1 Academy’s on-track action will now be broadcast for fans to witness, making this the new frontier for the all-female series. Yet, it remains unclear whether this broadcast will be exclusively on F1TV or if other platforms like Sky Sports or ESPN will host the coverage.

This development marks a pivotal moment for the series and will provide a substantial platform for female drivers. Since the series’ inception, fans have voiced frustration over the difficulty of following the races, lamenting the lack of accessibility to support their favourite teams and drivers. Now, it appears that their wishes have been heard.

Looking ahead, Round 7 of the F1 Academy is slated for 20-22 October in Austin. This final stage will unfold alongside the Formula One race weekend, merging these two thrilling worlds of racing. The future indeed looks promising for the all-female series, as it takes a giant leap forward.

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