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Red Bull Harmony: Sergio Perez’s Father Sees a Bright Decade Ahead with Verstappen

In a recent interview, Antonio Perez, father of F1 star Sergio Perez, expressed optimism about his son’s future at Red Bull Racing. He foresees a harmonious and successful partnership with teammate Max Verstappen, dispelling any notions of rivalry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Antonio Perez has confidently dismissed the perceived rivalry between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen, asserting that their relationship is the strongest teammate bond Sergio has experienced in his F1 career.
  • Perez Sr. holds high regard for Helmut Marko, praising him as an outstanding supporter of Sergio’s career and dismissing recent criticisms as unjustified.
  • Highlighting the positive team dynamics at Red Bull Racing, Antonio Perez predicts a long and prosperous future for Sergio alongside Max Verstappen, even suggesting the possibility of a world championship for his son.

The world of Formula 1 is as much about the drama off the track as it is about the high-speed battles on it. Amidst various narratives of rivalry and tension within teams, Antonio Perez, father of Red Bull Racing driver Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez, offers a refreshing perspective. In a candid interview with ORF, Perez Sr. not only quashed rumors of any animosity between his son and teammate Max Verstappen but painted a picture of a strong and positive relationship.

“Checo will definitely drive with Max in the same team for another ten years. And in these ten years, Checo might win a world championship. I like that my son competes with the best driver in the world. And the best driver in the world right now is Max Verstappen,” said Antonio Perez, as quoted by

This statement reflects not just a father’s confidence in his son’s abilities but also an understanding of the dynamics within Red Bull Racing. It’s a bold prediction, considering the ever-changing landscape of Formula 1, but it underscores the belief that Perez Sr. has in the synergistic partnership between Checo and Verstappen.

The Mexican driver’s journey in Formula 1 has been marked by resilience and growth, leading him to Red Bull, where he has shown his capability to compete at the highest levels. The endorsement by his father of this partnership extends beyond familial support; it’s an insight into the harmony within the team.

Additionally, Antonio Perez’s comments on Helmut Marko shed light on a less-discussed aspect of the sport – the relationship between drivers and their management. “Dr. Marko is the best, the best, the best sponsor in the whole world that Checo could have. He is incredible. He’s a winner mentally, and he pushes Checo. I love that, and I love Dr. Marko!” he stated, highlighting the integral role Marko plays in nurturing and pushing Sergio to excel.

As the F1 circus continues, the words of Antonio Perez add a layer of depth to our understanding of the Red Bull Racing team’s internal dynamics. It’s a reminder that behind the high-speed chases and podium finishes, there are relationships and partnerships that drive the sport forward. Sergio Perez’s future in Formula 1, alongside a formidable teammate like Max Verstappen, certainly looks promising if his father’s words are anything to go by.

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