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Richard Hammond’s New Car Destroyed In Lockdown Disaster

Last year, Richard Hammond bought a new Morgan Plus 6 with help from his DriveTribe fans who chose the colour and interior of his new sports car. Now, in a recent talk with the outlet’s Mike Fernie, he’s admitted that the car has since been destroyed.

After a brief discussion about his Opel Kadett, Oliver, Hammond opens up about how the Morgan ended its life.

“The last time the audience spoke was determining the interior on my Morgan,” he said.

That went well,” Mike replied, as Hammond agrees, nodding his head.

“Unfortunately, we experienced a slight flood on Christmas Eve, and I’m sad to relate that the Morgan died,” Hammond says before cursing from Mike. “It’s dead.

“It’s gone.”

Mike, an experienced presenter for DriveTribe, looks at the floor in disbelief, not knowing quite how to approach this news. “Okay,” he says.

Hammond continued:

“It led a brief but interesting life. It lived for under a year.

“It had an exciting trip to France in between the lockdowns when that was legal and possible, and then it died in a flood.”

Mike asks whether The Grand Tour presenter might be able to recover it.

“No, it’s gone. Crushed.”

Hammond looks to the camera to apologise for what happened to the car.

“I’m really very sorry, thank you for your assistance with deciding on the interior colour.

“I loved it for the nearly a year that it existed.”

The ex-Top Gear presenter moves onto his only other car, a Land Rover, which has a failing transfer box, making it as undrivable as the Morgan. It sounds as though Hammond isn’t having the best of luck with his cars (when has he ever?), and it’s such a shame to hear that the Morgan he loved so much when he purchased it last year is now gone.

So while James May is now searching for a new car to replace the Toyota Miria he’s selling, maybe Hammond should be looking for something else, too? What do you think, guys? A new Morgan, or something else entirely?

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