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James May: The Grand Tour Presenter Unboxes His First Bottle Of ‘James Gin’

We recently reported that The Grand Tour presenter and pub owner James May has now reached into another business venture, starting a gin brand called James Gin. Flavoured with parsnips and a host of other Asian ingredients, the first batch sold out almost straight away. And while the company is now taking pre-orders for the second batch (we have some on the way), the first is being bottled and boxed ready for delivery.

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In a new FoodTribe video, James unboxes the first bottle of his Asian Parsnip gin and signs it so it’s ready to go to a very lucky customer. The ex-Top Gear presenter explains how this is a very big moment for the company as he readies himself to write on the label.

Unfortunately, his first attempt at the signing was pretty poor, so rips it up, burns it, and tries again. 

The Grand Tour’s James May Is Starting His Own Gin Company

It’s pure James May humour and makes me very excited to taste the gin (coming soonTM).

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