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Top Gear Will Not Be Doing As Much Travelling After COVID Compared To The Grand Tour

Top Gear presenter Chris Harris has spoken out on the future of the BBC show following the COVID pandemic, revealing that they won’t be travelling as much once the world goes back to normal.

According to the BBC, “Top Gear actively thrived during 2020”, and even managed to keep its live audience by moving it outside. This meant that the audience themselves could bring their cars into the show, which Chris often commented on

Similarly to The Grand Tour, Top Gear was forced to stay within the country, but looking forward to once the pandemic comes to an end and travelling regulations ease, Top Gear is looking to keep travelling to a minimum.

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“Always having to go further and further away to Timbuktu or wherever you want to go, maybe we got a bit too carried away with that in the past,” Chris said.

“Top Gear is a show that people expect to be filmed abroad at times, but I think in the new world, after Covid, maybe we won’t go abroad as much as we did before. That’s not a bad thing, because we all hate airports.”

On top of this news, Top Gear production will be moving to Bristol from 2022. The BBC confirms that it will still be using Dunsfold to film from, and will still travel around the world, but now the company is moving staff away from London. 

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Hannah Wyatt, one of the BBC entertainment executives, said: “Our Bristol hub is an already incredibly successful and vibrant production base that makes many of our highly popular returning factual entertainment series and blue-chip natural history titles.

“So the Top Gear team will be in very good creative company. It’s an exciting move for the show.”

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