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James May’s Impressive List of TV Shows: From Toys to Wine

When it comes to hosting, it seems that Captain Slow may be the fastest at getting as many gigs as humanly possible. We wrote last week about how the BBC signed up for a second season of the Reassembler, so we thought we’d take a look at all the other types of shows Mr. May has been a part of.

From Toys to the 20th Century to lab work and a wine trip, James May has quite the collection of videos to watch on YouTube. Here’s just a taste of what we were able to find:

James May: My Sister’s Top Toys

James May’s Toy Stories

Cars of the People

James May’s Man Lab

Oz & James’ Wine Adventure

James May’s Things You Need to Know

Now, which one was your favorite series? What other types of shows would you want Captain Slow to do?


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