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When Richard Hammond Taught Us to Give Back & Make a Child Smile

We all know how great of a dad Richard Hammond can be, as we looked back at his 16 mile race back to his daughter, but do a lot of you know how much charity work the hamster gets done as well?

A few years ago, a charity in the UK called Rays of Sunshine asked Hammond if he could help fulfill a wish to a little girl with a serious lung condition from a bad bout with pneumonia. The wish was to ride around in a Pink Lamborghini with Hammond as the chaufeur and that’s exactly what she got.

“Emilia had an incredible time. The fact that the wish was turned around so quickly, meant that she was still physically able to enjoy it. This was a fantastic day that we will all remember as a family.”  – Emilia’s Mom

This is definitely another reason Hammond and the rest of the boys are beloved by the world and we can only hope there are more stories out there for us to share.


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