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Jeremy Clarkson Accused Of Breaking Rules At His Diddly Squat Farm Shop

The Council has come down on Jeremy Clarkson for violating local rules at his farm shop Diddly Squat. The Grand Tour presenter apparently violated rules that stated he can only sell “local” goods. 

Documents show Clarkson agreed to these conditions when Diddly Squat was still in the planning phase. The conditions he agreed to were in reference to what he can and cannot sell. The rules in reference to what he can sell state as follows: “shall be solely limited to goods and produce grown, reared and produced on the holding or from local producers.”

Now, however, there are documents claiming that the shop will abide by the rules ‘despite assurances’ and also saying ‘this is not happening.’ This direct violation sent the council auditors to the farm to have a look around at what else might be wrong. 

Their investigation revealed some other minor violations including the material they used for the roof. The green steel sheet that had already been installed was not first approved by the council. This forced Clarkson to reapply for their ‘unapproved’ roof for the shed, on their $5.2million farm in Chadlington, Oxon. 

This visit from the Chadlington Parish Council left Diddly Squat with a letter stating they need to change their roof and to only sell local goods and produce. The reason for this is to adhere to the agreement that all other local shops would not have any direct competition.

Before the Council left they slammed Diddly Squat with a few COVID-19 regulation violations. One of the more absurd violations included the improper use of a table cloth draped over a hay bale and used as a table for a pop-up cafe. Perhaps the more direct threat there is hay fever, or maybe cow shit.  

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  1. Government sticking their noses in where they don’t belong. Apparently the counsel feels that Mr. Clarkson’s business is part of “Minding their own business” . To that counsel I say, leave Mr. Clarkson and any small business owner alone and let them earn a living by what ever means. More so, who really cares about the roof or that they used a hay bale for a table. Do you really have nothing else better to do?????

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