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Jeremy Clarkson Admits To A “Phenomenal Amount of Drinking” During Lockdown

Lockdown has been difficult for us all, but while Jeremy Clarkson is a key worker on his Diddly Squat Farm, he’s admitted that this hasn’t made him fitter. In fact, due to a “phenomenal amount of drinking”, he’s actually even more unfit than before.

The upcoming Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm will see Jeremy struggle to build a successful farming business. Grand Tour Nation, alongside other press, was lucky enough to ask few questions on the subject in a recent interview with The Grand Tour presenter.

Clarkson was asked if he’d gotten fitter from all of his farming, or if the eating of ploughman’s sandwiches had meant the opposite.

“It’s not the Ploughman’s lunches it’s the phenomenal amount of drinking when you’re locked down,” he admits.

“[Kaleb, his sidekick on the farm] doesn’t drink really so I have to take up his slack. 12 months, Lisa and I have drank ourselves silly.

“When you’re farming, one of the joys is the sun going down and leaning on a fence and looking at your sheep or your crops or watch the changing of the seasons.

“So has it made me fitter? No. And the other thing about farming is how automated it is, you never have to actually walk anywhere, you just drive everywhere it’s fantastic.

“I’m the unfittest I’ve ever been.” 

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Clarkson’s Farm will launch Friday June 11 on Amazon Prime Video.

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