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Jeremy Clarkson Worried About Sidekick Kaleb: “He’s Up Against Hedge Fund Managers”

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he’s worried about Kaleb Cooper, his sidekick on the Amazon Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm. Kaleb is Jeremy’s farm manager, starting when The Grand Tour presenter took over his farm almost two years ago. He is a more than capable and talented businessman, farmer, and presenter, with a successful business to his name at the young age of 21.

But Jeremy is worried that in a world where everything is stacked against the little people, Kaleb won’t ever be able to fulfil his dreams of owning is own farm, and that the government is driving young, British farmers out of the industry thanks to rules and regulations, and the richer part of society buying land to make money.

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Even Jeremy, who isn’t short on money, struggled financially to support his new farming business. Thankfully, he has a number of other revenue-building jobs, as well as the fact the farming was filmed itself for Amazon to get him buy, but someone like Kaleb would really struggle.

“Kaleb’s fantastic, but it worries me how he’ll ever be able to afford his own farm,” Jeremy told the Sun newspaper.

“He’s up against hedge fund managers now who don’t necessarily want to farm it.”

Kaleb was also asked the reason behind Jeremy buying the farm in the first place, and while Jeremy hadn’t told Kaleb exactly why, he said:

“Personally I think he bought it because he loves nature.

“He loves farming. People go to me ‘this chap coming out with cars’ and that, but he has a genuine interest in farming.

“You’ll see him in the morning, he likes his little peaceful walks around the pond and around his woods.

“He walks the whole farm all the time, which makes it very hard for me if I miss a little bit while spraying.”

Jeremy, while looking to launch the NFU’s new Food Report, said that shops should have a ‘Buy British’ button to help local farmers, following on with”

“Eating meat, if it’s grass-fed British meat, is a very eco thing to do.

“My cows are wandering around eating pasture grass and having a very happy life.”

He admitted that someone on his production team is vegan, but had asked for some eggs to take home:

“‘I’ll have him eating a really nice steak by the end of the year.”

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  1. Coming from country stock I love Jeremy’s farm. It’s the best tonic to watch especially Kaleb.Its sad that Farms are being traded by “Townies” in the finance world. Making farms pay was never easy even in my dad’s day in 40s n 50s.

  2. so start a go fund me for him ill go a few bucks he seems like a good dude and not scared of work obviously. That is exactly what the world needs.

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