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Jeremy Clarkson: Annoyed Neighbour Urinates On His Driveway After Clarkson’s Farm Fame Gets Out Of Hand

Jeremy Clarkson has always had extremely popular shows. Top Gear was one of the most popular programs ever to see the TV, and The Grand Tour was only a continuance of this success. But Clarkson’s Farm blew everything else out of the water as Jeremy wrestled with the business behind his own farm.

But with this success comes fame, and as the show revolves around a very real place – Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington – fans flocked to the area to watch a piece of the action. Unfortunately, this has driven the locals mad, and while Jeremy has only recently had to hold a meeting to calm the situation, things have gotten even worse. 

The Oxford Mail has reported that while talking to locals at a local gathering to discuss Diddly Squat, he said the following:

“You have my complete sympathy. I am just as keen as you are to try to manage the situation. I have people peeing on my drive. Look, I hope that now the school holidays are over and the pandemic is, hopefully, easing, there will be less.”

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Clarkson was also asked to add a 20mph speed limit in the area around his farm, but he fought against that idea:

“In all conscience I can’t do that having spent much of my life complaining about such things.

“I can’t be held responsible for what people do when they leave my shop. I already have a sign urging people to drive slowly, I will put up a bigger one.”

Jeremy also revealed that he was “overwhelmed” by the response to his show, admitting that they’ll be taking a break to think about how they’re going to move forward:

“We were overwhelmed by what happened after the show launched. We had no idea of the impact it would have. Now we can stop and think about how we can continue to employ 15 people on the farm and making it grow while not spoiling anyone’s life in the village.”

The future of the farm will include a 60 seat restaurant as he looks to sell more farm produce to the public over businesses.

He says:  “Some will go for glamping, some will go for stock car racing. We have to make the business pay. We have to sell everything on the farm otherwise the farm goes out of business.”  

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  1. Jeremy, Greetings from the Colonies, North Idaho to be exact. We love Grand Tour, Clarkson’s Farm, and loved Top Gear as well. Too bad the BBC are a bunch of idiots and let you go.
    I sympathize with you about your nasty neighbors. Here, our neighbors won’t dare to confront us in person, but rather they choose to send us anonymous email messages cursing at us, calling my wife nasty names, all because we complained about the late hours their 4th of July personal fireworks displays went on to. I’m talking about carrying on until 3:00 AM!! All the while we are under a fireworks ban because of the threat of wildfires. A bunch of mental midgets (is midget hate speech? I don’t care!).
    Anyway, love your shows, and keep up the good work!

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