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Jeremy Clarkson Carries On Tradition With Annual A-Level Tweet

Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Jeremy Clarkson’s annual A-Level tweet. A list of everything important on my calendar. Today, The Grand Tour presenter has yet again taken to Twitter to calm the nerves of young adults who have just received their A-Level results. Of course, this year has been difficult for students in the fact that they haven’t actually completed any exams thanks to COVID. Because of this, it’s a very difficult time for many students.

But, bad grades doesn’t mean a bad life! As Jeremy will now explain:

His house has been under construction since it was blown up on The Grand Tour in what feels like years ago now. Since then, he’s been posting updates to his Instagram account:

Since then, he’s also built and started a farm shop, which he opened briefly for his new show, “I Bought The Farm”.

His A-level tweets are an annual recurrence, so if you’re worrying about what life has planned for you after some poor results, read these and you may want to become a TV presenter.

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