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Jeremy Clarkson Criticizes F1 After Flurry of Unnecessary Drama in Austria

The race at the Austrian Grand Prix was an opportunity for Max Verstappen to extend his lead over Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team for the overall World Title. The Dutch came out in full force as the crowd was adorned with Dutch orange in the crowd of 100,000+ attending the event.

“To see so much orange in the stands is incredible, it’s an extra motivation, thank you,” Verstappen told his cheering congregation at the Red Bull-owned Spielberg circuit. “The car was unreal.

“It’s insane – I’m a bit amazed myself how today went. I didn’t expect it to be like this. Incredible job by everyone to deliver something like this.”

But even with the drama of Hamilton trying to retain his championship title, the race was marred with penalties that have become a rather consistent occurrence in F1 Racing, which obviously annoyed famed farmer, Jeremy Clarkson.

“F1 stewards. You are ruining the sport. Please, just resign. Go home,” Clarkson

With Verstappen winning his third in a row, Valtteri Bottas taking second, the spat for the day came from third place driver, Lando Norris of McLaren.

Upon the restart early in the race, Norris was assessed a time penalty for apparently forcing Red Bull’s Sergio Perez after Perez aggressively tried to overtake Norris in the front of the grid.

“It was a lot of fun, it was a good race, exciting, but I’m disappointed because we should have been second place”

“I though that Lap 1 was just racing really, he tried to go around the outside which was a bit stupid, and he ran off the track himself, I didn’t even push him.

“So I am frustrated, but also happy with P3, we had very good pace.”

Red Bull’s Christian Horner compared the incidence to Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who received two five second penalties, coincidentally involving Perez again.

“I said in the commentary that I didn’t have a major problem with the Lando move (on Perez)”

“It was racing; it was hard racing, it was wheel-to-wheel, so then to get a penalty for that … I guess they gave themselves no choice when he had the same with Charles.

“But that’s racing, otherwise you’re going to get drivers just chucking themselves off the circuit and claiming penalties, so it’s a bit disappointing.”

What are your thoughts on the race?

Will things ever change?

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